Not much of Beatrice has been seen. But she is Mildred's sister. She helped her niece take over the city in Mildred's absence.


Beatrice is very welcoming. She seems very caring and loving, and is EXACTLY like her sister, in most ways. Mildred is just more hardcore. In fact, Beatrice is exactly like Veronica.


Season Eight

Mozart Sanderson finds her in her Veronica's new office, sorting through some things. Beatrice welcomes Mozart into the mayor family.

Season Nine

With her fellow vice mayor partner and niece dead, Beatrice begins to panic. She the watches as her three other nieces are soul swapped for many a villain of past seasons. Beatrice panics some more. Beatrice resurrects Mozart, who then resurrects all of the heroes, including Beatrice.

Season Ten

Villains and Heroes all fight, and right after Mandy drops C4's all over the place, Bill, Kyle, and Mildred, take parachutes out the window, as Jamison, Mandy, and Antoinette run out the front door. This leaves Beatrice and Jane inside, as the entire tower violently erupts, again.


Veronica has the trademark Conniving Puffin face, arms, and colours (or lack thereof). She has bangs and pigtails. She wears one long working suit. She almost looks like a little girl! She is voiced by Apple's text-to-speech voice, Karen.


Other than partial city control, Veronica has no powers.


Anything a standard human would be weak to.

Deaths & Resurrections

  • Birth - Beatrice was born five years prior to Mildred.
  • Death - Beatrice killed herself, to resurrect Mozart.
  • Resurrection - Beatrice was resurrected by Mozart, to defeat the villains.
  • Death - Beatrice was killed in an explosion of the Mayor Tower.


  • Since Beatrice is older than Mildred, technically, SHE should've inherited the Mayor's position from their father.
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