Connor Ingsham is the creator of alchemy. His wife is a woman known as Karen Dune. His great-grandson is none other than Po McWince. Connor's son used to tell young Po about Connor's achievements, leading Po to one day eventually pursue alchemy.


Little is known about Connor yet.


Early Life

At some point in his life, he married Karen Dune, and had a son. Connor also created alchemy, a form of magic, and he became the most powerful wilder of it. This son of Connor's had a son, who had Po. Connor's son (Po's grandpa) used to relay Connor's life events to Po, leading to Po learning it to eliminate The MacFiphenschall Family. At some point, Connor and his wife died, but they left behind a complex alchemic equation that could resurrect them.

Season Fourteen

At some point, the equation came into the hands of either Mandy Sheer or Po McWince, and David Sanderson used it to resurrect Connor, thinking the equation was for something else. Connor then appeared from The Zeroth Dimension, causing a shockwave bomb which molecularly decimated David. Po (who had Connor's wife, and was using her for ransom) then spoke through Mildred's Hub Robot, and told Connor to come and get his wife. A lure. Connor teleported out, and a scream would be heard through the robot. Po's scream. The robot then glitched, and blew up, signifying the certain death of Po. This explosion blew the main gang all into comas.


Connor is very short, but is not quite a dwarf or midget. He has a moustache, and short brown hair. He has very pointy shoes, and a two-piece suit, which is both fancy and plain.


Supposedly exceeding that of God Alchemists.


Nothing known.

Deaths & Resurrections

  • Birth - At least 300 years ago.
  • Death - Sometime between 200 and 300 years ago.
  • Resurrection - Alchemic equation ripped him from The Zeroth Dimension by David.


  • His rank is unestablished, but is more powerful than any other alchemist in existence.
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