Elderman is the name of... Well... The Elder Man of the MacFiphenschall Family. His descendants include Julia and Ginger.


This character seems to be quite kind, although he has a very controlling family.


Early Life

Elderman was quite a kind man. One day, Po McWince accidentally hit and killed him with his car. The MacFiphenschall's became angry, and swore revenge, which they quickly took back... But it was too late. They'd already preformed The McWince Framing. This led Po to systematically execute every single person in the family, except Julia MacFiphenschall the youngest.

Season Twelve

Preparing to take over the multiverse, Ginger demands that Elderman help her.

Season Thirteen

He denies.


This portion is for explaining the character's appearance briefly.


No alchemy.


Same as a human.

Deaths & Resurrections

  • Birth - Quite roughly 200+ years ago, he was born.
  • Death - Once he became VERY elderly, he was hit by a car and killed.


  • His voice is the least understandable out of all the characters due to it being EXTREMELY deep.
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