Fay is the wife of Po McWince and mother of Susanne McWince. She loved Po dearly, until she went... Missing.


Not much is known about Fay, but she seems to be just like any normal mother. A kind, loving, decent, standard mom.

As an opposoul however, she was just as evil as Po.


Early Life

Little to nothing is known of her early life, but we do know that she married Po and had Susanne. One day, she was driving with Po and Susanne, and Po hit the MacFiphenschall elder. This led their family to attack the McWince's, and frame them for blowing up the city, causing the mayors to evict them onto the streets, where Fay and her family grew up.

Po learned alchemy and it corrupted him, so he turned his wife into an opposoul.

Decades later, Po explains the whole story to Mandy. But what Po didn't reveal, was his evil agenda hidden beneath his coverup "plan".

Season Eleven

Antoinette needs to know why Susanne was evicted, so she opens her dormant memories. She sees Po explain to Mandy the eviction, and all that happened to Fay.

Season Thirteen

Fay is released along with her opposouls.

Season Fourteen

Fay sends her opposouls out to attack everyone, and they are successful in sucking up Mandy, Jamison, and Marina. All of the opposouls are changed back into normal souls by Mozart, but he captures Fay, and questions her. Po struts in and reveals his true villainy.


Fay has the trademark Conniving Puffin face, arms, and colours (or lack thereof). She has extremely long hair, going all the way down to her legs. It is presumably brown. She wears a tight, one-piece suit, with stylish massive black boots.


Non-Alchemist, no powers.


Same as a normal human.

Deaths & Resurrections

  • Birth - She was born sometime around when Po was born.
  • Death - She died a long time later.


  • She has the longest last name.
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