The hypnotic amulet is a blue diamond-shaped jewel, which can hypnotize anybody, if the person in question, stares directly into it, as the user executes many commands.

Mandy Sheer created it YEARS ago, as a replacement for not becoming a God alchemist. Antoinette inherited it upon Mandy's death. Mandy had used it to hypnotize Jane and Antoinette into becoming evil. Jane and Antoinette used it many times, to keep hypnotizing Mildred.

After doing away with her granddaughters, Mandy tried to use it on her son, but Mildred snatched it in time, and ingested it whilst in her microwave form. She set it to "popcorn" mode, and everybody except Jim Core fled the building, as the entire Mayor Tower violently blew up, atomically obliterating the jewel.

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