"Kyle had a small family, and Mandy wiped it out!"
Bill, revealing truths to Mozart
in "The Puffin Is Filled In? - Part One"


Jim Core is the son of Kyle Core, and an unnamed woman. He is Mildred's brainwashed servant, who willingly began working for her years ago.


According to Bill, Kyle Core had a small family, until Mandy completely wiped out, supposedly killing the wife, and totally wiping the minds of everyone in her family, including Kyle's young son. That son grew up likely as an orphan, and then at some point, he began working with Mildred, serving her as his occupation. He's her secretary.

He was trapped in the Mayor Tower when it exploded, presumably killing him.


Jim has the trademark Conniving Puffin face, arms, and colours (or lack thereof). He wears normal clothing, but his shirt says "Le Messenger" on it. He has hair similar to he is fathers... Blond and pointy all over. He has large shoes. He, alike his father and grandfather, are voiced by Apple's text-to-speech voice, Tom.

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