"Susanne... I know this is short notice, but... Will you marry me?"
— Phillip, proposing to Susanne
in "The Puffin Never Dies?"


Phillip Sheer was the husband of Susanne, and the father of Mandy Sheer.


He was a very kind man, and can easily be paralleled to Bill Core, in the sense that both weak men were taken in by an evil woman.


Early Life

Phillip fell in love with Susanne in early 1897, and had Mandy in late 1987. Five years later, his wife accidentally trips him when they are running downstairs to celebrate their daughter's birthday, and he falls down and hits his head, killing him. The following events were what sparked Susanne's villainy. She buried him in an unmarked grave, and swore her daughter never to speak of him again.

Season Nine

Susanne's backstory with Phillip is revealed in great detail, as S9 is Susanne's time to shine,


Phillip has the trademark Conniving Puffin face, arms, and colours (or lack thereof). Phillip's hair is spiky and likely brown. He wears a long sleeved shirt, and working pants with boots. He is voiced by Steven from the text-to-speech function on


He has no alchemy.


Same as any normal human.

Deaths & Resurrections

  • Birth - Phillip was born in 1867.
  • Death - Phillip was accidentally tripped by his wife in late 1902 on Mandy's birthday, resulting in a fatal concussion.


  • Phillip is the least known about recurring CP character.
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