The most epic and revealing battle in the series, which includes almost all of the characters ever introduced.


After Mandy drains Mozart of his emotions, he turns a shade of purple, and Mandy brings him into her mansion, where Jamison, David, Charles, Antoinette, and Jane, are all waiting. They all welcome his new, evil side into the family, and then suddenly... Susanne and Po strut through the front door.

Po reveals that he never really died, and that he died in Limbo, causing his soul to descend into deep limbo, at which point he sacrificed his powers to hop up back into the 3rd dimension, powerless. He then sensed Roberta's Zeroth Dimension Portal, and he pulled Susanne through with the little alchemy that remained surrounding it. This permanently collapsed the portal. Po reveals that he is Mandy's grandpa, and then she loses it on him, and starts attacking him. She fails, and he flips her into the air. He then goes up to hug Mozart, who uses his emotionlessness to his advantage, and snaps Po's collar bone.

Po tries explaining the root of all of the family's evil to everyone, but Mandy throws him out the window. She then slaps Susanne onto the ground. Susanne runs out after him, but David bars the door, claiming that evil is what's been keeping his poor, sad, old family together, and he wouldn't allow Susanne to break the villainous trend. Suddenly, Ginger showed up to introduce herself to everyone. She did this by throwing Po's unconscious body through the front door, slapping Susanne into the coffee table, and pushing David into Jamison's feet.

Ginger then asks Charles if her plan succeeded; She asks if Jamison ripped the soul out of David. Charles denied, and Ginger knocked him out. Threatening Antoinette's life, Ginger demands Jamison to tell her if he succeeded. He said he didn't. Ginger raged, enchanted his hand, and forced him to rip out David's soul. Ginger then fed off of it, taking a small bit of its power (but nothing at all major). This skyrocketed her into the 12th dimension, the highest possible which any being can ever get. Everybody except the unconscious Charles, Susanne, and Po escaped, and Ginger absorbed the three as her power initiation levelled Mandy's mansion. Ginger then fades into omnipresence, merging herself into the universal fabric of the city, turning everything blue.

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