The McWince Era refers to (currently) the seasons primarily associated with Mandy Sheer's childhood, and the lives of Po and Susanne McWince. It explains the roots of all villainy in the entire series, while simultaneously displaying epic battle after epic battle, showing how death means nothing in a series where resurrection is just a few words away.

Plot overview

With Susanne McWince busted out of her daughter's soul, she begins to make her move on The Mayor Family. This season constantly has flashbacks. We first see Susanne and her husband getting married, and then having a daughter on Halloween. Mandy grows up, and on her fifth birthday, Susanne accidentally trips her husband, causing him to hit his head and kill him. Susanne blames it on the Mayor's, dragging in a traumatic event from her childhood, when she and her parents were evicted by them. This lie to her daughter brings Susanne into a life of hatred, and leads her to become evil.

On Mandy's 10th Birthday, Susanne disowns her, and Po adopts Mandy. Po then sucks out his daughter's soul, and trains Mandy in the art of alchemy over the course of several years, teaching her to hold Susanne's soul inside of her. Eventually, Po sticks it in, but Mandy becomes corrupted, and runs away with her Professional alchemy. Po creates a Professional Disabling Gun, awaiting her eventual return. Mandy then returns a few decades later, right before she's to begin plotting The Great Puffin Plight. Denying to teach her God alchemy, Po aims the gun at her, but she snatches it and runs.

We then flash to the present, where we see Susanne catching up on the past 130 years. She learns everything, and then runs to The Mayor's Office, in hopes to assassinate Veronica DeBraeden. Instead, Susanne tricks her into teaching her how to resurrect. Susanne then kills Veronica, and resurrects Mandy. Angered at her mother, Mandy murders her, and resurrects Jane. Jane and Mandy then kill Veronica's 3 sisters, and resurrect Antoinette, Jamison, and David. Jamison is left reeling after he saw his MOM in The Zeroth Dimension. Antoinette tells him to let it go, and they run to Mildred's Office to assassinate Beatrice Mayor.

Beatrice is freaking out, and resurrects Mozart after killing herself. Mozart then resurrects Bill, Kyle, Mildred, Veronica, Beatrice, and Marina. Mozart feels himself becoming evil, and Mildred cages him. Then the evil's warp into the office to battle the heroes.


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