Antoinette, Jamison, and David's plot to mentally destroy the amnesiac Mozart Sanderson, for interfering with Mandy Sheer's plans in his past life.

Antoinette and Jamison adopt Mozart from David, and never reveal David to him. Mozart has just reached age 20, and Antoinette figures something out. She realizes that this child isn't just any ordinary child. It is the reincarnation of her father. But he has no memories. Mozart has no knowledge of David, and believes that Jamison and Antoinette are his parents.

Antoinette tells her husband what she believes is going on, and they tell David the truth. He loses all care for his son, and begins helping them construct a heinous plan, in which the threesome psychologically destroy Mozart. David learns how to use alchemy, and builds a massive pocket universe which he names The Fourth Wall. Antoinette and Jamison plan to reveal their torturous selves to Mozart, only to trick him into thinking he has pushed them to divorce. Then they will pretend to get trapped in the parallel world, pretend to have David save Mozart, and then reveal everything before ditching him in Limbo with crippling depression. They set the plan into motion, beginning season one of Conniving Puffin.

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