The time machine, is a device created by Mandy Sheer, which can allow its users to warp to any point in the past, or the future.

It requires all of the buttons, panels, and tubes to function. But it also requires three key ingredients, to make it tick perfectly:

  • Martian Dust
  • Giant Diamond
  • Lunar Panel

These three allow all of the internal reflections, power generation, fuel, and alchemy to work.

It was originally constructed by Mandy, 50 years prior to Conniving Puffin's main story. It was used by Bill, to travel to the future, where he practically simultaneously saved and ended everybody in his family. It resided in the Core Mansion for 50 years. This deteriorated all of the martian dust, diamond shards, and lunar power, which Mandy'd put into it. Jane and her gang then set out to regather all of the ingredients, successfully travelling back to the past, and saving Mandy.

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