Veronica is the daughter of Mildred Mayor, and therefore the half-sister of Mozart Sanderson. Little is known about Veronica, other than the fact that her and her aunt took over the city in the absence of Mildred.


Veronica is very welcoming. She seems very caring and loving, and is EXACTLY like her mother, in most ways. Mildred is just more hardcore.


Season Eight

Mozart Sanderson finds her in her new office with Beatrice Mayor, sorting through some things. Veronica welcomes Mozart into the mayor family.

Season Nine

Recently released from her daughter's soul, Susanne dashes into Veronica's Office, and attempts to fool her into surrendering. Veronica screams in surprise, and then points at the wall, and shows Susanne that they'd kept her profile on their wall for decades, as she was the only villain who got away. Susanne explains what Po did to her, and then pins Veronica down by the neck.

Susanne begins to weep to Veronica about how all she ever wanted was a family, and that her daughter was great at consuming the world. Thinking that Mandy and her mother reuniting may fix their villainy, Veronica aids Susanne in beginning to create a spell which can swap Susanne's soul for Mandy's.

They prepare the spell, and Susanne throws the final ingredient at Veronica, swapping Veronica's soul instead. Knowing Mandy's soul was still crushed by Mozart, Susanne then used a piece of her own soul to heal Mandy's, brining Mandy into the world again.


Veronica has the trademark Conniving Puffin face, arms, and colours (or lack thereof). She has straight brown hair (alike her mother's), except her's is much MUCH shorter. She also wears a very long dress. She is voiced by Apple's text-to-speech voice, Fiona.


Other than total city control, Veronica has no powers.


Anything a standard human would be weak to.

Deaths & Resurrections

  • Birth - Veronica was born in 1992 to Mildred Mayor and Mildred's Husband.
  • Death - Veronica was killed by Susanne McWince, whilst soul swapping for Mandy Sheer.
  • Resurrection - Soul swapped for a random person, by Mozart.
  • Death - In the process of pushing David out the window, she trips and falls out another.


  • Veronica is Mildred's eldest daughter.
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